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Ross Sawyers

February 4, 2010

Emptiness floating and suggestive of

imposing false / small divisions, a door somewhere, difficult to find

the luminous space of entry or exit, invitation


Wolfgang Tillmans

January 26, 2010

range of styles, self-curation of ranges:

from documentary to a sort of abstract magic, installation as formal composition

i don’t want to get over you

Rirkrit Tiravanija

January 26, 2010

cooking meals for others

recreating his apartment as installation for others to inhabit

recreating an architect’s studio, slowly assembling it and filling it with activity – untitled (he said)

building an “open house” in thailand, breaking down barriers between artist and collaborators and audience

William Lamson

January 23, 2010

in icicle intervention, creating “a subtle transformation, a collaboration between forces that are usually unseen or unconsidered and my agency as an artist”

playing hunt and gather in our built environments

creating a work and trade dynamic with a community of participants

And automatic creations via apparatus or element (sea, tree, drip, kite)

Hong An-Truong

January 23, 2010

the fevered adaptation, in which the past is a distant colony

of appropriation and manipulation

a wheel in the sky

of political and historical memory

barely not drowning

Shane Lavalette

January 21, 2010

who knows where the time goes

at the bus stop:

for the swimmer

for the flooding street

and how to say goodbye to coney island

Richard Barnes

January 21, 2010

Murmur as birds as spots of mind


The refuge of the stripe throated wren..

and of the Unabomber

… and the animal logic of the relation between nature, history, and institutions that “preserve” them: